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Get a Second Opinion

Replacing your HVAC system or major repairs are expensive decisions. Getting a second opinion could save you thousands of dollars.

Major repairs or replacing your system is an expensive proposition. Are you absolutely sure this repair or replacement will solve your problems? Heating and air conditioning systems are complicated. Accurate troubleshooting requires a systematic approach, special tools, and training. More importantly, it requires the willingness to check and double check the problem. We’re not saying the other guy doesn’t know what he’s doing or is out to make a fast buck. But don't you owe it to yourself and your wallet to double check. 

I know from personal experience. Before I got into this business my air conditioner died. the first company I called me replacement was my only option. “Sir, your compressor is dead and you’re going to need to replace the outside condenser unit. That will cost $4,500.” 

I decided to get a second opinion. The compressor was bad but instead of telling me what to do the second company explained my opinions. “Sir, as you suspected your compressor is bad and you have a couple of options. I can replace the whole condenser $3,800 only the compressor for $2,100. Your condenser unit is 11 years but that’s not ancient so replacing the compressor is an option. No one can say for sure how long your condenser unit will last with a new compressor. The compressor has a two year warranty but everything else is out of warranty. The new condenser unit comes with a 10 year warranty if the system is properly maintained.


The choice is yours and that's the point of a second opinion... choice and peace of mind.

Here's what Julio Agustin said about All-Seasons Comfort
Heating and Air Conditioning

"This is the second time that Michael has responded to our air conditioning needs, once for thermostat installation and once for a repair. Both times, he was quick to respond and provided superior service. He's the best!"

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