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A home that is too hot upstairs and too cold downstairs.

Residential Comfort Heating & Cooling Zone Control

If you have two floors and only one thermostat we don’t need to explain this picture to you.

If your home has two floors but only one thermostat we don’t need to explain this picture to you. You live in a home that forces you to compromise your comfort and play a balancing act between the upstairs and downstairs.  If you set the thermostat to be comfortable on one floor the other floor will be too hot or too cold. All-Seasons Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning can solve this problem for you. We can ensure you are comfortable on both floors at the same time; no more compromising comfort. This is done through a zone controlled comfort system.

We accomplish this by installing:

  • Electronically controlled automated dampers. – These special dampers are installed in the ducts that supply conditioned air to each floor of the home. Generally, two automated dampers are all that is needed but depending on the design of your existing duct system more might be required.

  • Zone control hub. – This opens and closes the automated dampers when there is a call for heat or cool from a specific floor.

  • An additional thermostat. – Currently you have one thermostat that turns the furnace or air conditioner on or off as needed for the whole house.  Since we are now splitting your current system into two zones the second thermostat will control one zone (upstairs) and the current thermostat will control the other zone (downstairs).

Here’s and example of how this works.  Let’s say it’s the summer and you have both thermostats set for 70 degrees.  As the day heats up the temperature upstairs rises above 70 degrees while the downstairs stays below 70 degrees.  In this case the upstairs thermostat will send a message to the zone control hub that the upstairs is hot.  The zone control hub will send a message to turn on the air conditioner AND send a message to the automated dampers that control the airflow to the upstairs to open (the dampers for the downstairs will remain closed). As the day goes on the temperature downstairs rises above 70 degrees so the downstairs thermostat sends a message to the zone control hub that AC is needed downstairs too.  The zone control hub sends a message to open the automated dampers that control the airflow to the downstairs.  Now both floors are receiving air conditioning. When the temperature on one of the floors is satisfied the damper will close for that floor.  When both floors are at the correct temperature the air conditioner will turn off and all dampers will close.

This might seem a little complicated but the good news is the zone control hub does all the work for you.  You can sit back and relax in comfort no matter which floor you’re on.

Here's what Christopher Moran said about All-Seasons Comfort
Heating and Air Conditioning

"Michael is very professional and courteous, and he is excellent at his job! He is helping me keep my 29 year-old Goodman AC unit alive - as I'm not quite ready to replace it yet. He is a complete life saver, and I will continue to recommend this company to any one else in need of climate system repair!"

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