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Air conditioning technician working on an AC condensor.

Who Can I Trust to Repair My Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioning Repair and Service

The day your air conditioning system stops working you have quite a few questions and choices.

All-Seasons Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Jamestown and the surrounding area for years. We provide prompt, reliable and affordable service; usually the same day. This approach has allowed us to earned the trust of our customers. Please take a moment to look over our Google reviews.

How Much Will it Cost to Repair My Air Conditioner?

Of course, this depend on what is wrong but in most cases the problem is simple and not too expensive. We will quickly diagnose the problem and clearly explain the situation and give you all of your options so you can make the best decision for your circumstances and wallet.

How Long Will it Take to Complete the Repair?

We carry most common parts in our van. The parts we do not have on hand are available through distributors in Greensboro or High Point and we can get them the same day. With this in mind, in most cases we can have you cooling again very quickly.

Will I Have to Replace My Air Conditioner?

For All-Seasons Comfort this is almost certainly not the answer. I wish I could say the same for many of the other companies in the area.  But the truth is most residential heating and cooling companies make a lot more money replacing equipment than repairing.  It’s funny, when they are selling new equipment many will say it lasts 15 to 20 years or more but when they are recommending replacing the system they usually say something like, “Your system is over 10 years old and its just not worth repairing.” What?

Here is an actual conversation I recently had with a client, “As you know your system is very old, in fact it’s 39 years old.  It will need to be replaced someday but in my opinion that day is not today.  The problem today is a bad capacitor which is a relatively inexpensive fix. Now I can’t tell you doing this will keep your air conditioner running for a few more years, no one can, in fact you should be preparing for the day when it is no longer cost effective to repair but I can get you cooling today with this simple fix.”

A Systematic Approach to Diagnoses

We take a systematic approach to troubleshooting that quickly finds the potential problem. Next, we test to confirm we have found the real problem and not a symptom. For example, a burnt fuse on the control board will cause your air conditioner to shut down. If we stopped there and only replaced the fuse your system will start working again but for how long? The important question is what caused the fuse to trip in the first place? That’s the real problem we'll fix to make sure you’re up and running and stay running.

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Last?

No one can say for sure but most manufacturers guarantee them for ten years so it’s a safe bet that they should last at least a few years longer than the guarantee. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your air conditioner. You would expect your car to last longer with regular maintenance and the same is true with your air conditioning system.  All-Seasons Comfort offers annual preventative maintenance visits that provide a complete review of your cooling and heating system. During these visits we routinely fine issues that we are able to correct before they become problems and permanently damage your heating and air system.

Here's what Felice Lopez said about All-Seasons Comfort
Heating and Air Conditioning

My experience with All-Seasons Comfort was excellent! Michael the owner came out to fix my AC unit Thursday morning, I called Wednesday afternoon. He was friendly, professional, and informative. If I have a problem again I won’t hesitate to call All-Seasons Comfort. Thank you Michael!

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